Self portrait

Let's take a closer look...

Katherine Allen is a freelance graphics creative, also known as "Rusty Studios", who collaborates with like minded people to create with purpose and value.

"With 30+ years in the graphics industry, my history spans graphic pre-press, graphic design, print, multimedia, e-learning, education, short films, and television."

"My current focus is on storytelling through writing, illustration and motion graphics. 

The majority of my previous projects are animated explainers, incorporating: motion graphic design, animation, kinetic typography, illustration, character design & rigging."

Professional ethos:
"Work. Play. Give. Learn."

“I just love to breathe life into my graphics by making them come alive with motion.”

Valued Clients

Ethos Media; Flinders University, Spiral Data Group, Wound Healing Australia, Care App,
90 Seconds; eBay, PwC, FedEx, Nexon, Bohemia Group, PNP Paribas, Thomson Reuters - Australia, Jamesons Strata Management, KPMG, Trust Check, Dicker Data, Kennards Hire, BT Financial group, EY (Au), Open Universities
Rusty Studios; The Hospital Research Foundation, Hamilton Secondary College, CBB, NWD; Flinders, The Klevar Group; DECD, By Jingo Wines, Stray Creative, Nine Network Australia, Dynamic Web Training, WEA, Media Resource Centre, AUS Compliance Training, Nova Kids, Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide Roller Derby